3 thoughts on “Hi Rolling Harbour! this is a test”

  1. Yup, I’ve had (a) email confirmation of my ‘follow’ and (b) this test email. Nifty indeed. Will this cure the problem, or does it at least tell you what the problem may be?
    Does it indicate that in some way I have become unsubscribed from the blogs I follow and should sign up to them all again? (I might try that with a couple as a test to see what happens.) Thanks for your help – now let’s see if my inbox (or even spam box) fills up overnight! RH

  2. Hi again. I’ve reset every one of my follows to ‘instant’ and they are indeed beginning to arrive! Which is excellent. Thanks for testing this solution. If there’s ever a time that the daily / weekly option becomes available again, I’d be pleased to get a heads-up! Thanks, RH

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